Increase Your Muscle Mass Today

If you’re someone who’s totally thin and if you want to increase your body size plus your muscle mass, most of all, then you definitely have to try doing the right workout routines, taking in dietary supplements which are specifically made for muscle growth, and get plenty of rest as well. You have to take note that it can be quite useless to do extensive exercises that won’t let you enhance the look of your muscles, if you’re someone who’s looking for a way to add mass. Some forms of exercises actually heavily damage a person’s body parts which makes it impossible for growth of muscles. When you do not do the right physical activities, you could end up being counterproductive. Of course, to make your muscles significantly increase in size, you should make sure to feed yourself and that’s for recovery. Do understand that you’d only have your size increased when you take in stuff like protein to repair damaged tissues and to stimulate natural muscle enlargement. Moreover, to augment your physique, you should also consider resting during and after each exercise that you do. That’s because resting can be a form of reward and it can let you recover. Basically, these are the things that you should know about if you’re serious about gaining some muscle mass in the fastest time possible.

When you workout, make sure that you have specific muscles that you’d target. When you have certain muscle groups in mind to focus on, you would be able to know just what type of exercises you’d do. Do take note, however, that there are no exercises that could let you really isolate and focus on one muscle group. There are isolation exercises that do exist but you would be able to work other surrounding muscles around the one that you’re targeting when you do these routines. Make sure that, when you do an isolation workout, you count your repetitions and the number of sets that you’re doing. Do not cheat and do not overdo working your muscles. You could use your body alone to increase your muscles or you could try using free weights. There are also machines that can help you out. To have access to some weights and machines that can really let you work your physique, you can go to a gym. Just make sure that you try to do repetitions accurately. Do not be in a hurry to finish exercising. Of course, on its own, doing workouts won’t really let you increase your muscles because you need supplements for true muscle growth.

After you workout, your muscles are damaged and you need to nourish your body for it to recover and for your muscles to grow. Although eating things like lean meat which are rich in protein could help, many bodybuilders and athletes highly recommend that an individual should buy ON Supplements. That’s because these supplements have nutrients like whey protein, creatine, and antioxidants which have been found to be effective and efficient when it comes to muscle growth stimulation, repair, and definition.

Freestyle Skiing Review – Guide in your Choice of Skis for the Winter Sport

Freestyle skiing became prominent in the 60’s and 70’s with its original three disciplines of Acro, mogul and aerial. Mogul skiing includes different tricks, jumps, controlled speed and turning abilities on the mogul slope while remaining in an imaginary line. Acro skiing which is also called ballet skiing focuses more on acrobatics, figure skating and gymnastics. Aerialists propel themselves up to 6 meters in the air and perform multiple twists and flips before landing on a 34 to 39-degree inclined landing. More information on the different disciplines is provided through freestyle skiing review.

How freestyle skiing gained prominence

In world of snow sports, freestyle skiing continued to grow in popularity due to changing technologies in the manufacture of skis. Mogul skiing drew in an overwhelming amount of spectators to the party atmosphere. This did not go unnoticed and soon enough media started covering the competitions. The International Ski Federation (FIS) brought the winter sport under their wing in 1980 and started the Freestyle World Circuit. In recent years, freestyle skiing evolved and ski slopestyle and ski halfpipe style became part of the freestyle family with mogul and aerial continuing as part of the professional circuit. Due to the introduction of twin tip skis, freeskiing quickly gained popularity and continued to draw in great crowds who were fascinated with the jaw dropping tricks and acrobatics. Freestyle skiing began to be featured in the Winter Olympics with Freeskiing making its debut in the last Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Making a choice for freestyle skis


Ability is no longer as relevant today as in the past years because technology has made it possible for a beginner to use a wide variety of skis. However, there are still features that determine the right skis for the level of ability.

  • Beginner/intermediate – typically beginner skis include qualities like softer flex, narrower widths, composite, foam or softer wood and chaffed construction. The idea behind this is to create a ski that is easy turn and quite forgiving if you make a mistake.
  • Intermediate/advanced – majority of skiers fall under this category and their skis are generally wider than the beginner/intermediate skis. The skis have stronger wood core and sandwich sidewall construction with full camber or rocker.
  • Advanced/expert – the skiers under this category are more aggressive and skilled. Skis for this category are made from layers of Titan, carbon, bamboo and other materials meant to deliver quality performance at speed and demanding conditions. The skis are generally stiffer both longitudinally and torsionally than the intermediate/advanced skis.

Ski length

There is no perfect size of ski for every skier. If you are beginner, it is suggested to choose a ski that is shorter and closer to the chin so that you easily make short quick turns. If you weigh more than the average for your height, you will do better with skis that are longer and closer to the top of your head. On the other hand, a shorter ski will be easier to turn though not as stable as the longer skis. Advanced and expert skiers usually choose skis that are slightly longer than head height.

The Triathlon

The triathlon is a quite unique Olympic sport involving the three different sports of swimming, cycling and running, all to be completed in an immediately successive sequence by every participant. The participant to go through the whole course in the shortest time, obviously, is declared the winner. The triathlon was incorporated into the games in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games; there is also to be the Paralympics equivalent starting from 2016. The current form of the triathlon requirements are: a distance of 1 and a half kilometers of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running: this is referred to as the standard distance.

The participants have to change their gear in a prepared transition spot after each segment of the race. This means they have to be practiced in getting very speedily into and out of gear required for each sport. They first swim, which is timed from beginning to finish, then go through the first transition at what is called T1, where they changed clothes. Then they cycle, which is also timed, go to T2 for the second transition into running, which is also timed. The timing of each race, not only the whole race of the three sports combined, suggests possibilities of separate successful records established for each of them.

Outside of the Olympics and in other international sports tournaments you can get shorter courses of 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers of cycling, and 5 kilometers of running, as well as longer courses called the “half-Ironman,” which requires 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling, and 21.1 kilometers of running. The running distance for the half-Ironman, a well-deserved name, is equivalent to half a marathon. And then there is of course the Ironman, with exactly twice the distance for each sport required by the half-ironman. Considering that the marathon is a classically renowned sport in the Olympics and in many ways a highlight of the games and one of the most physically demanding sports, the triathlon, especially in the Ironman form, is for the very toughest and fittest of athletes. They will typically go through very hard physical training of all three of the required sports, and invest in the very best gear, most of which is for the bicycle; Continental bike tires are well-known examples of cycling tires for the professional participating in a triathlon.

Being a comparatively new sport in the Olympics, there have been many other forms of triathlons outside of, mostly prior to the Olympic Games. Its earliest documented history is found in the early 1900s, at least once as a form of tri-sports requiring cycling, canoeing (instead of swimming) and running. In the 1920s there were relatively frequently held sports events for the triathlon in France, where the race is still held every year. In 1974, the first modern triathlon in the form we now know of, with cycling, swimming and running, was held in California, at Mission Bay, San Diego; another one was held in the following year on Fiesta Island, and is commonly and incorrectly named the first American triathlon.


The Best Hot Yoga Mat Solutions

If yoga is an essential part of your life you probably tried, searched and asked for tips on homemade or professional yoga mat cleaners. You also must have found out that there are more than hundreds way to clean a yoga mat. And with that, your smilingly innocent quest for the best mat cleaner, turned into long hours spend reading and researching.
There are many and different options on what to use and how to use it in order for your mat to get clean quickly and without getting damaged. Sometimes your homemade mat cleaner is the best you can ever want, but chances are your new mat needs a different kind of cleaning care. The new cotton yoga mats, for example, are toxic free and safe for your health and the environment and, as you already imagine, required a different kind of cleaning solution.

Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats, which you can find at HotYogaMatSolution, are natural yoga mats made and dyed with non-toxic materials that are not harmful for your health and help your connection with the universe. These 100% organic cotton mats are handmade in India and are designed to create a real connection between you and your surroundings. They are different from the harmful PVC mats and even from the rubber ones, because of their constitution and manufacturing. Therefore, the process of cleaning is also different.
Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats are the best mats for hot yoga available on the market as the cotton allows them to absorb all the perspiration without making the mat slippery or too sticky. Hot yogis have been enjoying the benefits of the cotton yoga mats for decades and are happy to continue to do so. Before choosing the right hot yoga mat solution you should see what brand your mat is and what is recommended for it. The so called right cleaning methods and ingredients can vary for different kinds of mats.

Most rubber yoga mats, although recommended for hot yoga, are difficult to clean and sometimes the cleaning is what ruins them. For example, some brands of hot yoga mats are cleaned with essential oils, while others get their pores clog, thanks to those same oils. The cotton yoga mats, however, are both perfect for hot yoga and easy to clean. We all know how to wash cotton, at what temperature and how to dry it. Nothing too complicated there. But the results are amazing – with cleaning solutions we have already in our homes we make our hot yoga mat solution and achieve perfect cleaning. Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats do not require expensive cleaning abstergents or complicated techniques in order to get clean. The natural cotton mat can be cleaned with natural methods and solutions, without toxic elements, harmful for the body and the environment.

At QiRiver they offer you the perfect eco-friendly hot yoga mat that will help you to establish a stable and healthy relationship with the people and environment around you. The cotton yoga mats are the best choice for a yogi that wants to learn more about him or herself and purify the universe in the process.

Getting that six pack abs

Have you ever yearned for that flat stomach, pinched waistline (for the women) and the well-toned body? It is everybody’s dream to have that perfect body. We have seen photographs and visual images of movie stars, models and sports athletes displaying their muscular and shapely bodies with a well-worked out abdominal. An abdominal that is well toned is sometimes referred to as the six pack abs. While muscle toning and having a muscular body has been associated with a masculine physique, this form of body or muscle toning is no longer confined to the men. Females are sporting this well-toned physique as well. They are seen showing off their abs in their swim suits or fitness attire. Indeed, building abs have crossed the gender barrier.

There are various core exercises that can be done to achieve this physical look. Many videos online are available for anyone who wish to view abdominal exercises that go towards helping you achieve that six pack abs. Hence there are many methods involved. Basically, the most common abdominal exercises involve stomach crunching, which is bending your body at your waist up and down as you lie down on the floor. In other words, it is the regular situps. There are a number of ways to do them. Some may require you to put your hands behind the back of your head as you bend your body upwards towards your knees and downwards towards the floor. Others simply need you to lift your legs as you lie down on the floor and bend the legs towards your chin and stretch them outwards. These exercises are all done repeatedly.

The essence of these exercises is to tone the stomach or abdominal muscles. Our abdomen is made up of a set of muscles running laterally down on the front side (anterior) of our body from the middle of our rib cage towards our hip bone. Perpendicular to this set of muscles is another set of muscles that complement the entire abdominal muscular system. Hence with repeated exercise and toning, these sets of muscles or abs become well-shaped and are visible is a well-toned body. Having abs is a sign of a well-toned abdominal.

Similarly, in order to tone and shape other muscles in the body, one would be working out in that specific area of the body. For example, there are people who train their bodies by lifting weights. Weight lifting is one way to strengthen the arms, shoulders and chest as well as the legs and thighs. This form of exercise helps to improve stability. Therefore different types of exercises that use and emphasize different parts and components of the body will strengthen and tone the muscles in those areas.

In order to have a well-toned body and not just a well-toned abdominal or chest, a comprehensive program of stretching, flexing and aerobics is necessary to exercise all the muscles in the body. Working out in the gym by using all the various types of equipment is one way to achieve this. Through the guidance of a professional trainer, one will be able to achieve a healthy and fit body.