The Best Hot Yoga Mat Solutions

If yoga is an essential part of your life you probably tried, searched and asked for tips on homemade or professional yoga mat cleaners. You also must have found out that there are more than hundreds way to clean a yoga mat. And with that, your smilingly innocent quest for the best mat cleaner, turned into long hours spend reading and researching.
There are many and different options on what to use and how to use it in order for your mat to get clean quickly and without getting damaged. Sometimes your homemade mat cleaner is the best you can ever want, but chances are your new mat needs a different kind of cleaning care. The new cotton yoga mats, for example, are toxic free and safe for your health and the environment and, as you already imagine, required a different kind of cleaning solution.

Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats, which you can find at HotYogaMatSolution, are natural yoga mats made and dyed with non-toxic materials that are not harmful for your health and help your connection with the universe. These 100% organic cotton mats are handmade in India and are designed to create a real connection between you and your surroundings. They are different from the harmful PVC mats and even from the rubber ones, because of their constitution and manufacturing. Therefore, the process of cleaning is also different.
Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats are the best mats for hot yoga available on the market as the cotton allows them to absorb all the perspiration without making the mat slippery or too sticky. Hot yogis have been enjoying the benefits of the cotton yoga mats for decades and are happy to continue to do so. Before choosing the right hot yoga mat solution you should see what brand your mat is and what is recommended for it. The so called right cleaning methods and ingredients can vary for different kinds of mats.

Most rubber yoga mats, although recommended for hot yoga, are difficult to clean and sometimes the cleaning is what ruins them. For example, some brands of hot yoga mats are cleaned with essential oils, while others get their pores clog, thanks to those same oils. The cotton yoga mats, however, are both perfect for hot yoga and easy to clean. We all know how to wash cotton, at what temperature and how to dry it. Nothing too complicated there. But the results are amazing – with cleaning solutions we have already in our homes we make our hot yoga mat solution and achieve perfect cleaning. Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats do not require expensive cleaning abstergents or complicated techniques in order to get clean. The natural cotton mat can be cleaned with natural methods and solutions, without toxic elements, harmful for the body and the environment.

At QiRiver they offer you the perfect eco-friendly hot yoga mat that will help you to establish a stable and healthy relationship with the people and environment around you. The cotton yoga mats are the best choice for a yogi that wants to learn more about him or herself and purify the universe in the process.

Getting that six pack abs

Have you ever yearned for that flat stomach, pinched waistline (for the women) and the well-toned body? It is everybody’s dream to have that perfect body. We have seen photographs and visual images of movie stars, models and sports athletes displaying their muscular and shapely bodies with a well-worked out abdominal. An abdominal that is well toned is sometimes referred to as the six pack abs. While muscle toning and having a muscular body has been associated with a masculine physique, this form of body or muscle toning is no longer confined to the men. Females are sporting this well-toned physique as well. They are seen showing off their abs in their swim suits or fitness attire. Indeed, building abs have crossed the gender barrier.

There are various core exercises that can be done to achieve this physical look. Many videos online are available for anyone who wish to view abdominal exercises that go towards helping you achieve that six pack abs. Hence there are many methods involved. Basically, the most common abdominal exercises involve stomach crunching, which is bending your body at your waist up and down as you lie down on the floor. In other words, it is the regular situps. There are a number of ways to do them. Some may require you to put your hands behind the back of your head as you bend your body upwards towards your knees and downwards towards the floor. Others simply need you to lift your legs as you lie down on the floor and bend the legs towards your chin and stretch them outwards. These exercises are all done repeatedly.

The essence of these exercises is to tone the stomach or abdominal muscles. Our abdomen is made up of a set of muscles running laterally down on the front side (anterior) of our body from the middle of our rib cage towards our hip bone. Perpendicular to this set of muscles is another set of muscles that complement the entire abdominal muscular system. Hence with repeated exercise and toning, these sets of muscles or abs become well-shaped and are visible is a well-toned body. Having abs is a sign of a well-toned abdominal.

Similarly, in order to tone and shape other muscles in the body, one would be working out in that specific area of the body. For example, there are people who train their bodies by lifting weights. Weight lifting is one way to strengthen the arms, shoulders and chest as well as the legs and thighs. This form of exercise helps to improve stability. Therefore different types of exercises that use and emphasize different parts and components of the body will strengthen and tone the muscles in those areas.

In order to have a well-toned body and not just a well-toned abdominal or chest, a comprehensive program of stretching, flexing and aerobics is necessary to exercise all the muscles in the body. Working out in the gym by using all the various types of equipment is one way to achieve this. Through the guidance of a professional trainer, one will be able to achieve a healthy and fit body.